When Akis met Arda…

What do Turkish and Greek cuisine have in common? And how do they differ? Many mouth-watering questions were answered humorously by the famous Greek Chef Akis Petretzikis and the Turkish Chef of the year 2015 Arda Türkmen, in the gastronomy event organized by the Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens.

“Through the ages, the gastronomical habits of the different peoples have been a cultural bond. Today the two Chefs gave us a pleasure through characteristic tasty treats of both peoples, bringing up to the foreground the strong friendship ties between them” said Asli Aksungur, Attaché of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Embassy in Athens, thanking the Chefs for their creations.

In Akis Petretzikis’ Kitchen Lab fans of gastronomy had an opportunity to relish in imaginative, delicious and fragrant delicacies representing Greek and Turkish cuisine, such as hummus, cheese pie, tart, moussaka, burger with lamb and spices, potato meatballs with tomato sauce and minced meat or sweets such as ekmek kataifi, halva and rice pudding.


The meeting of the two Chefs was organized as part of an initiative of the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens, in the context of cooperation of the two countries.

The next meeting of the two talented star Chefs in Istanbul is already arranged.