"My Grandfather's People"

The film "My Grandfather's People" was successfully screened in Chania and Irakleio of Crete.

The screening of Chania took place in the municipal cinema "Kipos" on the 22nd of June, with the presence of H.E. the Ambassador of Turkey in Greece, Kerim Uras, the Mayor of Chania Municipality, Mr. Tasos Vamvoukas, representatives of local authorities and lots of people, who lovingly embraced the film makers, Çağan Irmak, Yiğit Özşener and Gökhan Tiryaki, who visited Crete especially on the occasion of the screenings.

In Irakleio, the film screening took place in the municipal cinema "Bythleem" on Wednesday, 23rd of July, with the presence of the Culture Vice Mayor Mrs Aristea Plevri, the Municipality Art Manager, Mr. Georgios Antonakis, representatives of local authorities, the film makers and lots of people.

Preannouncemental Press Release

Evening dedicated to Ara Güler

The documentary about the life and work of Ara Güler , "The Eye of Istanbul" and 40 of his works, during a parallel exhibition, were successfully presented to friends of Photography, fans of Ara Güler, Diplomats and Journalists present on Thursday, 12th of May, at the Benaki Museum, Pireos Street building. The event was organized by the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens.

Left photo (From Left) Fatih Kaymak, director of “The Eye of Istanbul” documentary, Kerim Uras, H.E. the Ambassador of Turkey in Athens, Ümran Safter, Producer and Nezih Tavlaş, Documentary Advisor and Biographer of Ara Güler.

Right Photo (from left): Ümran Safter, Producer, Nezih Tavlaş, Documentary Advisor and Biographer of Ara Güler, Aslı Aksungur, Attaché of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Embassy and Fatih Kaymak, director of the documentary "The Eye of Istanbul".

Left photo: View of the amphitheater during the film screening.

Right Photo (from left): Kerim Uras, H.E. The Ambassador of Turkey in Athens, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Mayor of Beyoğlu and Lakis Vingas, Representative of Minority Charitable Foundations.


A few words about "The Eye of Istanbul"

The documentary of Binnur Karaevli and Fatih Kaymak tells the story of Ara Güler, during the preparation of the retrospective exhibition in Istanbul. In the documentary, Ara Güler remembers the stories behind his most iconic photos, thus making them even more vivid. The documentary has been included and received honorary distinctions in international festivals such as the DC Independent Film Festival, South East European Film Festival Los Angeles and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

A few Words about Ara Güler

Ara Güler, despite being 87 years old, still remains a complex and unforgettable character: perceptive, witty and philosophical. Although he is known for his survey of human life and important historical events since the Second World War in Istanbul, Turkey, his international career lasted for more than sixty years and includes the creation of more than one million photographs. Ara Güler compares himself to a historian who has "immortalized" human life and become a witness to the most important events for more than half a century, which explains the nickname by which he is most commonly reffered to, "the Eye of Istanbul".


View of the Photography Exhibition chamber.

Ara Güler - «Τhe Eye of Istanbul»

An evening immersed in the aura of Istanbul is organized by the Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy so as to celebrate the life and work of world-renowned photographer, Ara Güler. The event will be hosted by the Benaki Museum at Pireos Street on Thursday, May 12th.

The main highlight of the evening will be the screening of the Turkish documentary “The Eye of Istanbul” directed by Binnur Karaevli and Fatih Kaymak. The documentary has participated and received distinctions in various international Festivals such as the DC Independent Film Festival, SEEfest (South East European Film Festival Los Angeles) and Thessaloniki DOC Festival.

“The Eye of Istanbul” tells the story of Ara Güler, the legendary Turkish photographer of Armenian descent, as he prepares for his retrospective exhibition. 87-year-old Ara remains a complex and unforgettable character; still sharp, funny and philosophical. While he assembles his photographs, the stories behind his most iconic images spring to life. Αra’s beloved Istanbul acts as a secondary character in the documentary, since his photographs have captured the soul of the city for a period of over 60 years.

A student and a follower of Henri-Cartier Bresson, Ara’s mastery lies in capturing the stories and interactions between people at the right moment in history. Ara thinks of himself not as a photographer but as a historian who has recorded the lives of people and major historical events since the 1950s. Nevertheless, his archives have never been open to scholars and are instead crammed in boxes in his private office. Although he is mostly recognized for his black and white photographs of Istanbul, he has enjoyed an international career, which has spanned over sixty years and has generated more than 1 million photographs.


The screening of the documentary is accompanied by an exhibition featuring 40 photographs by Ara Güler, which illustrate everyday moments of simple people in Istanbul.

Photography Exhibition of M. Dedeoğlu

The Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens in cooperation with The Image Gallery, organizes the photography exhibition of Mustafa Dedeoğlu under the title "Timeless City İstanbul & Faces" at the Image Gallery (Amalias 36). The exhibition will be open for the public from 17 to 25 October 2015.

The exhibition under the title "Timeless City Istanbul & Faces" is the result of 8 years of work and reflects the atmosphere of the unique story of İstanbul – the city that has been home to many cultures for centuries, although its majestic silhouette remained unchanged through the passage of years.

«I think of my photos as means of storytelling rather than mere reporting. Taking photos for me is a way of self-expression, understanding how I see myself and the world around me, the way I feel about it » he says as he introduces himself to us.

Mustafa Dedeoğlu's works are published in various local and foreign titles on art. The artist also shares his creations through exhibitions. Mustafa Dedeoğlu has been displaying his art in Russia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, FYROM, America, Tehran and France.


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