"My Grandfather's People"

The film "My Grandfather's People" was successfully screened in Chania and Irakleio of Crete.

The screening of Chania took place in the municipal cinema "Kipos" on the 22nd of June, with the presence of H.E. the Ambassador of Turkey in Greece, Kerim Uras, the Mayor of Chania Municipality, Mr. Tasos Vamvoukas, representatives of local authorities and lots of people, who lovingly embraced the film makers, Çağan Irmak, Yiğit Özşener and Gökhan Tiryaki, who visited Crete especially on the occasion of the screenings.

In Irakleio, the film screening took place in the municipal cinema "Bythleem" on Wednesday, 23rd of July, with the presence of the Culture Vice Mayor Mrs Aristea Plevri, the Municipality Art Manager, Mr. Georgios Antonakis, representatives of local authorities, the film makers and lots of people.

Preannouncemental Press Release

16th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival

Athens Jazz Festival 2016

The enchanting sounds of Turkish folk music through jazz improvisations of Erkan Oğur and the Telvin trio will be closing concert of the 16th Jazz Festival at the Technopolis on Sunday, 29 May at 23:00.

Turkey’s participation in the Athens Jazz Festival constitutes an initiative undertaken by the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office, which aims to promote the cultural heritage of Turkey by supporting significant cultural events.

A few words about Erkan Oğur

“Since he needed detailed sounds in order to obtain Turkish melodies, Erkan Oğur modified his guitar, inventing the fretless classical guitar in 1976.”

Erkan Oğur was born in Ankara and as a child he became interested in violin and the Turkish bağlama, practicing the instruments frequently. He later studied physics in Ankara and Munich and in 1973, he started playing the guitar and chose to be a musician. In 1989 he went to the U.S. to work with local Blues artists, introducing fretless guitar into Blues. He has released albums in Germany and Turkey, he has given concerts and participated in numerous festivals and he composed the music for the films Eşkıya and Yazı Tura. Oğur is a member of the Telvin trio, which mainly performs Turkish folk music in improvised jazz style. Their album Telvin was released in 2006.