Workshop «Religious Tourism»


The workshop “Religious Treasures of Anatolia as an Alternative Tourism Product” was successfully held on the 31st of March, Thursday, at the “The Met” hotel in Thessaloniki. More than 150 representatives of businesses, organisms and bodies operating in the tourism sector from Northern Greece and Turkey took part in the workshop, which was organized by the Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens with the kind support of «TÜRSAB», «Turkish Airlines» and «The Met Hotel».


The subject of discussion for the duration of the workshop and the B2B meetings were the more than 180 religious monuments of Turkey and Thrace. Over the last ten years, Turkey has taken up the restoration and renovation of religious monuments of the Orthodox and Catholic Christianity, Judaism and other religions of the world, as Religious Tourism, according to the workshop’s speakers, consists for Turkey an important part of the country’s communication strategy as a tourism destination. Extensive mentions were also made regarding the religious heritage of Turkey in general.


During the workshop there was also an exhibition of photographs portraying religious monuments before and after restoration. This way, the visitors of the workshop found out about the locations and monuments included in the restoration program.


Upon the completion of the event’s presentations followed the B2B meetings of 40 representatives of tourism sector from Turkey and Northern Greece, who had the opportunity to discuss and exchange proposals targeting to increase incoming tourist to areas of religious interest.


Public Holidays

Official and religious holidays are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Turkey which is a vast and culturally diverse country.

The public holidays are listed as follows:


January 1        New Year’s Day


April 23            National Sovereignty and Children's Day


May 1               Labor and Solidarity Day


May 19            Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day


August 30        Victory Day


October 29       Republic Day


It is advisable to complete any bookings in advance in case your vacation coincides with these dates so that you can enjoy your vacation without any inconveniences.