36.8 million tourists visited Turkey in 2014

As one of the most popular tourism destinations all over the world, Turkey welcomed 36.8 million foreign visitors last year, becoming the 6th most visited tourism destination globally. In 2014, according to the official data released by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, inbound tourism flows to Turkey increased by 5.5% compared to 2013, reaching 36.8 million tourists.

This development led to a 6.2% increase in tourism revenue in 2014 compared to 2013, exceeding 34 billion dollars.

Among the top tourist destinations of Turkey, Istanbul holds the first place with 11.8 million visitors, followed by Antalya with 11.5 million and Muğla with 3.1 million.

830,841 Greek tourists visited Turkey in 2014, recording an 18%rise compared to 2013. Thereby, Greece ranks 10th among the countries considering Turkey as an attractive travel destination.