The Turkish artist Doğan Paksoy in his first personal exhibition of his work in Athens "The other side of the night" in Gallery Genesis

The Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens welcomes the organization of the first solo exhibition of the work of Doğan Paksoy in Athens, enititled ‘The Other Side of the Night’. The exhibition of the acclaimed Turksh artist, publisher and owner of one of the most important art galleries in Istanbul, will be presented at Gallery Genesis (Charitos 35, Kolonaki) from 29 April  until 17 May, 2014.

“In the first solo exhibition of his work in Athens, the significant Turkish artist Doğan Paksoy presents a series of iconic works that have been specially created for this exhibition, encompassing the main conceptual and aesthetic poles that support his painting.

The title of ‘The Other Side of the Night’ section refers to the penetrating gaze of Paksoy, who by being himself a member of a Turkish bourgeois circle with particular habits and features, never seizes to observe and comment upon them, preserving some of its basic factual elements but also leading to a composite, impromptu exressionistic fiction at double narrative time: evening meetings of dressed men and naked women in houses with gardens, nightclubs, restaurants and bars, open-air cinemas, summer resorts and romantic allegoric landscapes densely occupied by strangers, well-known famous personalities and ephemeral festive symbols (ballons, lamps, fireworks), are placed sometimes in Istanbul or Bodrum and other times in Athens of the artist’s recent walks and penetrate the dark depth of the night, which is created with the baroque and theatrically emphatic use of black, from where they emerge either to the coast of Bosporus or the Acropolis – reminding that vulgarity can co-exist with absolute beauty.

According to the artist himself, in these works, where social and political comments co-exist with literary references and the almost utopian poetics of image, thus narrating the geographical  coordinates of a “Paradise Lost”, “the truth of an event ends each time when he decides what is the truth of the work: it is there that the account of a new story begins, which combines fantasy with irony, the poetics of image with satire and multiple messages”. 

                                                                                        Iris Kritikou  / April 2014

Doğan Paksoy was born in 1955 in Adana and comes from a large family closely connected to art and culture. The fields of interest of his grandfather, his father and uncles, as well as the vivid interest in art of his older sister Gönül Paksoy (who is considered an iconic figure in the field of design in Turkey up to present) and his older brother and acclaimed painter Şahin, determined his own path from very early on. He studied at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, from which he graduated in 1981 from the laboratory of Dinçer Erimez. ‘The Other Side of the Night’ exhibition at Gallery Genesis in Athens constitutes the 18th solo exhibition of the artist who has exhibited his work many times abroad, e.g. in Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Belgium and Canada. In 1985, he founded Teşvikiye Art Gallery with his brother Şahin, aspiring to create an open space of art and dialogue, capable of expanding the limits of the Turkish art world of the time.  Up to present, Teşvikiye Art Gallery has been an influential arts centre, while Doğan Paksoy is also the editor of the Genç Sanat (Young Art) art magazine.