ilhan Ersahin’s and Husnu Senlendirici’s Wonderland impressed the audience of Athens with their performance in “Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival”


Ilhan Ersahin’s and Husnu Senlendirici’s Wonderland on Sunday, 2nd of June impressed the audience of Athens with their excellent performance in Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival” where they presented  their new album titled: “The Other Side”. Takis Barberis, a “very good friend of theirs”, as Ilhan Ersahin called him, was invited on stage and they performed favorite tunes.

The participation of Wonderland in the festival was implemented with the kind support of the Office of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Embassy in Athens which intends to support future cultural activities.




About Wonderland

A great Turkish saxophone player, who was born in Stockholm and studied in the USA. A musician who embraces contemporary American jazz and its ideology, but who also considers Middle-eastern and Balkan culture as a main ingredient of his music and manages to incorporate it in his own compositions and creations in a very natural way.  His music ranges from traditional Turkish and gypsy music up to contemporary electronica.  A special place in his music range is reserved for his work with the groups titled ”Instabul Sessions” in whose music we can find some of the most beautiful and charming faces of contemporary world jazz. The case of Ilhan Ersahin is one of the most peculiar and worth mentioning ones in today’s jazz scene. The story of Wonderland begins 12 years ago when Ilhan met Husnu Senlendirici, one of the main players of Balkan/Gipsy tradition, a difficult achievement for a musician under the age of 40. Born and raised in family of musicians, he is very famous in Turkey not due to his TV appearances but due to his excellent music skills.

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