Sani Gourmet Festival 2014

Ottoman cuisine... with past and future

3 classic and easy recipes with a modern twist by famous chef Uğur Alparslan, as presented during Sani Gourmet 2014

Veal Kapama - Bulgur Pilav - Halva Irmik

The history of the Ottoman cuisine

The Ottoman Cuisine encompasses the 500-year-old history of the multicultural Ottoman Empire. Created by an elite society that lived within and around the palace in Istanbul, it absorbed and developed elements of the culinary culture and the local cuisines from regions across the entire Ottoman Empire. It was influenced by various cultures originating from Central Asia, the Balkans, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Europe, historical events and trade relations, most importantly the routes of the spice trade and the “Silk Road”.

The most significant period for the creation and peak of the Ottoman Cuisine coincided with the “classic” period of the Ottoman Empire (1445– 1566 AD) culminating at the golden age of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566 AD).

The Ottoman Cuisine still remains one of the best and distinguished “royal” cuisines in the world. Recipes, such as roast pigeon, ayva kalye, stuffed melon, are among the palaces’ specialties even today.


A Few Words about chef Uğur Alparslan

He was born in Bolu Mengen in Turkey, a city of distinct culinary tradition and home to many distinguished chefs. Trained in the principles of international cuisine, he has worked with eminent chefs such as Alain Ducasse and Francois Fusero. However, he eventually devoted himself to the culinary tradition of his native country, Turkey which had always fascinated him. He has worked at Ciragan Palace Kempinsiki, experimenting with different cuisines, while he has been the Executive Chef at the Istanbul Surmeli Hotel in Istanbul since May 2013.

A Few Words about Sani Gourmet

It was held from 9 to 18 May and this year’s theme was “Cuisines of the World”. The main goal of this year’s event was to present the culinary legacy of countries that used to be part of the “Silk Road”, starting from Beijing and ending up to Rome. Serving as guides to this culinary voyage, famous and distinguished chefs from China, India, Iran, Turkey, Greece and Italy were invited to present their creations.

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