Mercan Dede and the Secret Tribe to participate in the 15th Athens Jazz Festival at Technopolis

In the 15th Athens Jazz Festival for the second consecutive year, Turkey was represented by Mercan Dede and the Secret Tribe under the sponsorship of The Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy. With his unique music style combining traditional Turkish sounds with contemporary global music forms, the famous Turkish artist and his group performed to an elegant Athenian crowd.

The Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens undertakes initiatives and implements actions in collaboration with relevant organizations and authorities in Greece and Turkey, the Office has adequately supported major cultural and tourism events in the context of cooperation between the two countries.

A Few Words about Mercan Dede

Mercan Dede is one of the most creative contemporary Turkish musicians. He draws from the musical/ philosophical lessons of the rich Sufi tradition to apply them to modern music – acoustic or electric/ electronic. Mercan Dede’s music covers a wide range of sounds encompassing in a brilliant way tribal/ house and genuine traditional music as well as world jazz. His travels around the world have resulted in his music integrating elements from different cultures, thus acquiring a genuinely cosmopolitan character.

A Few Words about the Athens Jazz Festival

This year, the Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, one of the major cultural institutions of Athens celebrates 15 years and the Onassis Cultural Centre participates in this celebration. The Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens hosts jazz trends from every corner of the world, featuring bands that travel us even to the remotest places of the globe. Various parallel events are to take place at Technopolis within the framework of the festival.