With great success the inauguration of the Photography Exhibition of Mustafa Dedeoğlu


A different trip to the eternal city - Istanbul enjoyed lovers of photography through the lens of Mustafa Dedeoğlu as well as friends, partners, representatives of bodies of Tourism and representatives of Embassies that attended the inauguration of the exhibition entitled Timeless City Istanbul & Faces on Friday, October 16th 2015. The exhibition is organized by the Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens, in collaboration with the Image Gallery.


The exhibition will be open to the public from 17-25 October 2015.


The exhibition "Timeless City Istanbul & Faces" is the result of eight years’ work of Mustafa Dedeoğlu and reflects the unique atmosphere that exudes the history of Istanbul - which although has been for centuries a location of concentration of many different cultures- its enchanting picture has remained unchanged over time.


(from left) the photographer Mustafa Dedeoğlu and the Attaché of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Embassy in Athens, Mr. Aslı Gündoğdu Aksungur

You may download the all the photographs of the inauguration event by clicking this link.