Turkey Home: Official Partner of Εuroleague and Εurocup 2015-2016

Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism is the Official sponsor of the Turkish Airlines “Premium Destination” Euroleague and Eurocup 2015-2016. Being a sponsor of the two biggest and most important basketball club competitions globally, Turkey ‘enters’ the courts of Europe with “Turkey Home” campaign.


Since 2014, Turkey has been globally running a tourism branding and advertising campaign under the banner ‘Turkey Home Of…’, the concept of which is that wherever one is from, Turkey is Home.


This campaign gives a universal message about Turkey and its attractions, its specific sites, cultural values and shared traditions, raising awareness of the country’s diversity and its international profile while attracting new and previous visitors to Turkey.


Via this sponsorship basketball fans from all over the world will have the chance to get familiarized with a colorful country in a positive, friendly and warm way.