When Akis met Arda… They went on a trip of taste and aroma from Greece and Turkey

A trip of taste and aroma from Greece and Turkey enjoyed the fans of gastronomy who were present at the meeting of the top Greek Chef Akis Petretzikis and the Chef of the year in Turkey Arda Türkmen.

In the hospitable Kitchen Lab, the guests, during the meeting of the two Chefs, had the opportunity to delight on Arda Türkmen performing a Turkish cuisine recipe with Akis Petretzikis, combining the taste of Greek and Turkish cuisine.

Akis Petretzikis and his special guest, Arda Türkmen, happily and humorously welcomed the everyone to their meeting. Displaying exceptional creativity feelings, the Chefs explained that the cuisines of the two people have many similarities, especially when one considers the most popular ingredients in Greece and Turkey, such as olive oil, spices, vegetables and sauces. It is no coincidence, according to the Chefs, that in both countries the tasty treats are called “mezes”.

The two Chefs proved in practice that gastronomy consists one of the first areas where different cultures meet and renewed their meeting, in Istanbul this time.

“Through the ages, the gastronomical habits of the different peoples have been a cultural bond. Today the two Chefs gave us a pleasure through characteristic tasty treats of both peoples, bringing up to the foreground the strong friendship ties between them” said Asli Aksungur, Attaché of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Embassy in Athens, thanking the Chefs for their creations.

The guests had a taste of Greek and Turkish cuisine by treating themselves to hummus, cheese pie, tart, moussaka, burger with lamb and spices, potato meatballs with tomato sauce and minced meat or sweets such as ekmek kataifi, halva and rice pudding.

The meeting of the two Chefs was organized as part of an initiative of the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office of the Turkish Embassy in Athens, in the context of cooperation of the two countries.

A few words for the two Chefs

Arda Türkmen

His first landmark in gastronomy was the creation of the “Roka Davet”, his own catering business 13 years before. Next, he opened his first restaurant “11 Leblon» in Asmalimescit / İstanbul. In 2010 he started appeared on the TV show “The kitchen of Arda” for the CNN Turk. Two years later he got his own column on the “Sabah” and later on the “Hurriyet” newspaper, all while continuously sharing his original recipes with the readers of the “La Cucina Italiana” magazine. Currently he owns two restaurants, the “Forneria” and the “Mükellef” in Karaköy. He has also appeared as the main host of the “Inside the Middle East Istanbul Shooting” for the CNN International. Since 2014 and currently he appears on the TV8 Channel through the series “The Kitchen of Arda” and also participates as a judge in a TV cooking competition. In 2015 he was awarded as “the chef of the year” in Turkey by the GQ magazine.


Akis Petretzikis

Upon turning 18, he discovered his true love for the taste of fresh fruit and the aroma of Mediterranean spices. So, he decided to study to become a chef at the cooking school “Le Monde”. He has worked in many restaurants and hotels in Greece and England, where he lived for 5 years, such as the well-known “The Goring” hotel. In 2010 he returned in Greece and participated in the TV game show “The Master Chef”, on MEGA channel, where he was announced the first Greek Master Chef. Since 2012 and for 2 years he had been the Head Chef of the “Avenue Bistro”, the restaurant of the Chef Michel Roux, in the Metropolitan Hotel. Nowadays, he is cooking at his own TV show “Do It like Akis” on the MEGA Channel and, up to 2015, he had also been cooking at the weekly “Stories from the List”. At the meantime, he has created his own online show “Kitchen Lab” and has also published a cook book named “This you have to taste”. Since May 2015, he has agreed on a collaboration with the “Fresh One Productions” in London and uploads recipe videos on the network of the “Food Tube” by Jamie Oliver.

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